“Bowl Rippers” invaded San Jose del Cabo…

On Sunday, April 21, the 1st edition of the skateboarding tournament “Bowl Rippers” took place in San José del Cabo.

The participants from 10 to 57 years of age, showed why skateboarding is an Olympic sport that should be considered as such and why not to seea the skateboard as a toy for children.

Marco Aurelio Rivera Sainz, in charge of the Baja Sur Skate and Surf blog, was one of the main organizers of the event.

Rivera Sainz explained that skateboarding and surf are now part of the world culture in a big way, and of course, these two sports have been around the Baja California Peninsula for decades.

However, it’s still very difficult to obtain economic support for the organization of skateboarding and surf events in Mexico and even more in Baja California Sur.

“Even in a world class tourist destination such as Los Cabos, it is very difficult to achieve support and dissemination for these sports and who practice them”, Rivera Sainz concluded.

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