Gustavo Sanchez promises focused attention and SWAT squads against crime in Mexicali


Focused and specialized attention to robbery (at home, on the Street and car theft) as well as forming a SWAT of sorts for Mexicali Police Department, to fight crime in the city, are some of Gustavo Sánchez Vázquez propositions for this relevant subject, as he told local media in a press conference where he spoke of the manner in which he would continue fighting crime if he got to be reelected.

He assured that every Police patrol car would be equipped with real time connection to the 911 Command Center in order for the Police cars to have the instantaneous image and information of the crime scene on their way there thanks to modern technologies, which altogether with the SWAT team (immediate reaction squad) are the main axis of his safety and crime fighting policies.

Regarding the neighborhood watch committees, he said that on his arrival there were between 140 and 160 Committees and now, 29 months after he arrived to City Hall, there are 420 of them, which is extraordinary because it shows the manner in which citizens organize around their communities in order to struggle together aiming for a better and safer neighborhood and city.

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