On Monday April 29, 32 earthquakes were registered across Mexico

The Sismologico Nacional (@SismologicoMX) explained that 21 of them occurred in Oaxaca; four in Guerrero; three in Chiapas; and one in Michoacán, Baja California Sur, Jalisco and Veracruz.

Through its official Twitter account, the specific SSN that earthquakes of greater magnitude (3.9 on the Richter scale) occurred in Huixtla and Tonalá, Chiapas; shaking the communities of Salina Cruz, Matías Romero and San Pedro Pochutla in Oaxaca.

The 3.2 earthquake occurred in Ometepec, Guerrero.

The Sismologico Nacional (@SismologicoMX) did not report or any affectation due to the earthquakes after the information issied by the SSN of the UNAM

Source: Sismologico Nacional (@SismologicoMX)

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