Chileno Beach, an excellent spot for snorkeling

Protected by the Chileno Bay, the waters at Chileno Beach are calm, warm, and clear, and the reefs just offshore act as a home to an abundance of sea life. The beach, considered one of Los Cabos’ best-kept secrets, mimics the feel of a Caribbean beach. Sun-seekers will enjoy the seclusion and the top-notch snorkeling opportunities. 

Chileno Beach is a popular destination for those looking to do a bit of underwater exploration or just relax on the sunny shores of a secluded spot. Remember, though, that there are few accommodations to be found here (aside from restrooms), so if you’re planning on making the trek to Chileno Beach on your own, pack food and snorkeling gear.

Tours to the area, which include sailing, snorkeling, and kayaking excursions, typically supply the equipment.

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