ELECTION FEVER: Carlo Bonfante BC Economic Development Secretary treason and the departure of Dr. Trejo


There are two members of Baja California Governor Cabinet who have announced their departure of Mr. Kiko Vega´s team these days, they turned their backs to the current Government but they have done it in two different manners, while Guillermo Trejo (health secretary) showed dignity and made a public announcement informing he had quit, “Italian” Carlo Bonfante (Economic Development Secretary and Consiglieri) remains in his fourth floor office, an infiltrated of sorts, multimillionaire, hidden behind the comfort of his office with his sidekick Alfredo Babún at his service and doing a lot of harm to the State Government, but his mask has fallen at last.

Doctor Trejo started as Kiko Vega’s political operator but “something happened” and he was accused of a “financial crime” and put in jail, while his partner and “friend” Carlo Bonfante was “miraculously” overseen by Law Enforcement and remained a free man, in the end Trejo was freed and returned as Health Secretary, now in this electoral times someone said that he held a meeting in his house to back up MORENA candidate Bonilla, partisan sources have denied this but Trejo quit his position and said he wouldn´t go deeper and didn´t talk about his resignation, as a man with dignity, while Bonfante remained in the comfort zone of his office saying “I won´t leave, they can kick me out but I won´t leave”, so he is going to “squeeze the lemon to the last drop” before he quits or is forced to do so.

There’s a question: Is Bonfante the dark force behind projects such as Constellation Brands?, as an example his “compadre” Fede Díaz recently stated that there were yellow lights over Baja California because international investors wouldn´t bring more money to the State if Constellation left, but as a matter of fact there hasn’t been a big flow of foreign investment arriving to the State during Carlo “the consigliere” Bonfante during his tenure as economic development secretary, the Italian treason had been growing as a cancer inside Kiko Vega´s government and the campaign and his “morenization” only wrapped it up.

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