Ltnt. Clnl. Julian Leyzaola campaign committee denies any relation with blackmail suspect arrested


Mariano Soto a self-appointed journalist of sorts who, with a man called Ivan Riebeling, have published videos and Internet postings in social media insulting Governor Kiko Vega and threatening journalist, he was arrested for alleged blackmail against a Tijuana businessman, documented in NUC (Case Number) 1367/2019, by agents of the State Attorney Office, he operates a WEB site called Tijuana sin Censura which has become notorious for posting fake news. in social media

Lieutenant Colonel Julián Leyzaola, running for Tijuana Mayor, issued the following statement: “There is a character, Mariano Soto is his name, says that he supports me as Tijuana Mayor candidate, and says he is part opf my campaign committee, but as far as I know, my opponents are paying him to tarnish my image with his notorious reputation”.

“This person has attacked and threatened journalists, mostly women, with no legal consequences whatsoever”, said Leyzaola.

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