Mexican Navy staff transfers tourist to hospital in Cabo

“A few days ago, a medical evacuation was performed on a tourist, who was on board a small vessel in the bay of Cabo San Lucas; Once the land was reached, the 62-year-old man was transferred to the city’s hospital”, said the Navy Secretariat of Mexico.

The emergency call was received via VHF at the Operations Center of the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (Ensar) Los Cabos, where it was reported that the vessel “Latitude 32” required a medical evacuation.

For this reason, the Marine Rescue Plan was activated, ordering the departure of a Defender-type vessel, arriving at the site, where the evacuation of a 62-year-old male, conscious and unable to move was proceeded.

The tourist was transferred to the Naval Sector of Cabo San Lucas, directly to the local medical services for specialized medical attention.

Finally, the Secretary of the Navy recommended tourists and visitors in general who attend the beaches of this port, to avoid getting close to the breaking waves or get into the sea when there is a warning of high tide or rough sea, to avoid putting their life at risk.


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