The Great Escape: Puerta Cortés In La Paz, BCS

Puerta Cortés in La Paz, Mexico where ecotourism and dining options abound is a must for any seasoned traveler looking for a resort that isn’t oversaturated with tourists. When people mention the Baja California Peninsula, thoughts tend to go either to Tijuana at the northernmost part or to Cabo San Lucas on the southern end.

La Paz has its own airport, Manuel Márquez de León International Airport which is just 30 minutes from Puerta Cortés, and can also be accessed via Los Cabos International Airport, which is about two hours to the south. Situated on the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, La Paz is considered the gateway to the Sea of Cortez.

While La Paz might be a bit under the radar, it’s well worth the visit, especially for those who crave fresh seafood and prime ecotourism.

French aquatic explorer Jacques Cousteau referred to the Sea of Cortez as “the world’s aquarium” for its variety of marine life. Want to swim with gentle whale sharks, visit a colony of sea lions, do some whale watching, or enjoy some amazingly fresh sashimi? Baja Sur is the place…

The Marina at Puerta Cortés is considered one of the best in the American continent, with 250 slips for boats up to 225 feet. In this marina near La Paz, BCS, is El Pueblito Marinero, which receives partners, passengers and visitors with carefully selected gastronomy, services and boutiques.

In the Pueblito Marinero there are restaurants in La Paz and surroundings that meet the highest criteria. Each one is an experience worthy of savoring and repeating one and a hundred times.


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