Hiker from Tijuana dies at Laguna Salada

“A hiker from Tijuana died on the morning of Saturday June 15h, as she dived into the Laguna del Guadalupe Canyon, which is located in the Laguna Salada”, said Arturo López, commander of the Aguiluchos Rescue Group.

The incident was reported at 11:30 in the morning, when the companions of the now deceased, called the emergency number and stated that this person dived from a cliff into the lagoon, and she never came afloat.

One of the rescuers said that the Guadalupe Canyon is closed since June 1, however, hikers always find a way to get to this place.

The Rescue Group retrieved the remains of the woman whose identity is still unknown.

Laguna Salada is located 53 kilometers southwest of Mexicali

Source: OEM

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