Mexicali´s “golden Zone” is a chaos: Utter urban disorder due to failures in New Drain Mexicali


About 25 thousand residents of the so called Mexicali Golden Zone, who belong to 6 thousand 053 families from 24 exclusive residential deluxe housing projects are victims of the utter lack of urban planning since the New Drain Mexicali is collapsing and may cause a “black water” flood in this area that also has several other problems, but according to Gerardo de la Torre, who spoke on behalf of all the affected residents.

This endangers the property of the people living in the area, it is necessary for them to organize in this case, since the area grew and schools, offices, buildings, shopping centers and others have been built and the developers haven´t taken consideration of the infrastructure capacity, and no the residents live in constant fear of the drain collapsing at any moment, and solving the drain problem might benefit not only the Golden Zone dwellers but around 200 thousand residents.

Salvador Minor, Federal Congressman from MORENA, said that these housing and commercial developments, “we are still on time to solve these problems, there is an estimated 223 million pesos expense needed to take care of the problem, but we need the accurate figures in order to take this matter to the House of Representatives, since there is little money and sort of a thug of war for them at a national level”, he said.

The problem is the lack of planning and the ambition of construction companies and housing developers, whose absence of criteria has caused that the so called Golden Zone, which is sold as the most modern and functional in Mexicali intending to be a “first world development” but it seems it will wind up being a third world expensive inner city housing project of sorts.

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