Federal police and authorities reach agreement about National Guard

MEX017. CIUDAD JUAREZ (MÉXICO), 04/03/09 .- Agentes de la Policía Federal vigilan mientras familiares de presos esperan noticias hoy, 4 de marzo de 2009, a las afueras de un penal de Ciudad Juarez, localidad del norte de México, donde se presentó una riña entre pandillas, considerada la más violenta del país por la acción de los cárteles de droga, y que dejó al menos 20 muertos y seis heridos, según fuentes oficiales. El enfrentamiento en el Centro de Readaptación Social, que duró aproximadamente unas dos horas, concluyó con la intervención de decenas de soldados, que entraron por aire desde dos helicópteros desde los que se lanzaron con cuerdas, y de policías antidisturbios que lanzaron gases lacrimógenos. EFE/Luis Hinojos

After a long dialogue between authorities and discordant officers of the Federal Police, it was agreed that, from July 5th, there will commence a register of the officers interested in joining the National Guard and other corporations, and those who would request their severance pay.

The agreement was reached around 8 PM on Friday July 5, after several hours of intense dispute between the officers that called for compensation.

Additionally, they demanded that everything promised by the authorities was set in paper, because they would not accept propositions without a document that formally warranted them.

The agreement happened after commissioner Raúl Ávila Ibarra, head of the division of the Federal Force, and Benjamín Grajeda Regalado, chief of the Division of the Gendarmerie, talked directly to the discordant officers to clear out their doubts.

In due course, Ávila Ibarra clarified that the correct thing to do would be to negotiate the severance pay of those who, for any reason, did not want to be part of any corporation anymore, but not a compensation since that would imply drawing on a not contemplated budget.

The former was one of the elements that caused disputes between officers and authorities because they demanded an immediate solution and for the authorities to keep from dragging their feet, to which Ávila asked for time and affirmed that it would be before Saturday when they would have a concrete answer to this point.

Finally, due to the insistence of the few officers who stayed until the last moment, the authorities accepted to start, from this Friday on, the formal register and paperwork of all the officers interested in joining another corporation or those who want their severance pay.

One of the propositions is that the officers who do not want to join the National Guard must have the opportunity to join the Migration Institute, the Customs Office, the National Search Commission, or the Penitentiary System.

Many of the federal officers were still in disagreement and asserted that they would still be aware in case they have to go back to tough measures, since among their arguments is that their salary is MXN $1,000-2,500 per fortnight.

The former is an insufficient income and, if it is considered that from July 1st the operations of the Federal Police was over, they would no longer receive aids such as the risk bonus that complemented their expenses, they argued.

Nevertheless, since they did not get more answers, and upon the inevitable disappearance of the Federal Police, many officers accepted to look for the option that suits them the most starting Friday; this was through the perspective of “Get it over and done with,” remarked Luis Ojeda, one of the delegates who dialogued with the authorities.

Source: Notimex

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