More travelers are visiting La Paz and Cabo by air

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (SETUES), Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez, announced that in the first half of the year La Paz and Los Cabos registered an increase of 7.55% and 5.9% respectively, in number of passengers arriving by air, compared with 2018, according to information issued by Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP).

In this regard, he explained that only in the month of June of the current year, Los Cabos grew by 25.6% and La Paz by 18.1%, in comparison with the same period last year.

“Our promotion strategies are giving good results and this can be seen in the strengthening and development of the tourism industry, which translates into more jobs and better opportunities for our people,” added the tourism secretary.

Finally, he stressed that apart from promoting the attractions of the municipality in the international market, a campaign has also been implemented in the interior of the country, in order to attract more national visitors and poisiton the destination in that market segment.

Source: SETUES

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