Baja California government warns against “fake” pest control in Ricketssia health issue

Recent information in social media, regarding home remedies to fumigate dogs and homes against ticks, must be taken with certain reserve since none of them has proven to be effective against this insect that carries Rickettsia, which is a serious disease, which has caused a severe public health problem in Mexicali.

Néstor Saúl Hernández Milán, Health Services Director of Baja California´s Public Health Secretary invited the people to use only products and insecticides approved by the Federal Commission Against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) and the National Center for Disease Preventive and Control Programs (CENAPRECE) since all products vouched and authorized by such instances have proven to be efficient to protect the health of citizens.

He also reminded that the actions to prevent and control dogs brown tick, are not only dependent on fumigation, but there are several other recommendations such as accumulating old items and furniture such as sofas, mattresses, clothes and all kinds of garbage and trash, he also advised keeping pets inside the house patio and bathe them with anti-flea soap as well as asking veterinarians about the best ways to get rid of their pets parasites. 

He also advised people to ignore information that has not been issued by an official instance since this confuses and uninforms people and might also bring up more serious and hazardous health risks for humans.

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