AMLO says the ‘Financial Times’ is not professional

The president said that the newspaper was silent while corruption was imposed in Mexico; this after an editorial in which the FT suggests that AMLO needs to listen to the advice of his new treasury secretary.

“The Financial Times should offer an apology to the people of Mexico because they kept quiet while corruption was imposed in the country and applauded the structural reforms”, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This after the British newspaper published an editorial stating that the president of Mexico must demonstrate that AMLO needs to listen to the advice of the new finance secretary, Arturo Herrera, and give him space to restore credibility in the markets.

When questioned, AMLO indicated that he hopes that the FT offers an apology, and he added that they are not objective nor professionals.

In his editorial, the Financial Times considers that, seven months after the start of his government, López Obrador must accept the economic reality, “unpleasant news”, and not rely on his own data.

FT adds that the resignation of Carlos Urzúa to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, “the strongest voice of fiscal prudence” within the AMLO administration, suggests that the investors’ hopes were “out of place”.

Source: Notimex

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