Next Health secretary of Baja California submitted integral health program to governor elect Jaime Bonilla

During a meeting of the next Baja California Government cabinet, Dr Alonso Oscar Pérez Rico, Baja California State next Health Secretary submitted an Integral Health Service Plan with which the forthcoming Governor Jaime Bonilla will make good on his campaign promises regarding public health issues.

Pérez Rico has been working in the Project with support of experts in Health Public Policies such as Jorge Borja Robles, Carlos Gómez Valadez and Israel Clemente: “We are committed to provide the best attention to prevent disease, but also for people to receive free medical attention for illnesses as the now Governor Elect offered when he was on campaign”, said the next Health Secretary.

Among the concepts this plan includes are: External consultations, odontology, pharmacy and corrective vision: “We aim to have a first level package of services regarding public health issues”, he said.

There will be “pilot programs” among strategic population sectors where the Government local capabilities related to hospital, medical and pharmaceutical services are limited. Among the people attending the ceremony were the next Economic Development Secretary, Mario Escobedo; next Financial Planning Secretary, Adalberto Gonzalez and Social Wellbeing secretary, Cynthia Gisselle García Soberanes.

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