REDSPIRA will help to monitor the air quality in Mexicali: Mayor Sanchez

REDSPIRA is an App which will help Mexicali, the Valley and San Felipe residents to get a constant information flow regarding the quality and contamination indexes of the air in the region, in a steady and reliable manner, said Mayor Gustavo Sánchez, during the signature of an agreement with Certuit Software, through the afore mentioned mobile application.

Mexicali is one of the most polluted cities at a national and international levels, with severe problems of air and pollution as well as water and other environmental issues, but the air quality is information is of utmost relevance in order to make decisions so Government and citizens altogether may be able to implement prevention and awareness fostering actions regarding the prevention of air pollution and the problems it creates.

“These efforts will allow us to access national and international financial aid to fund programs that will enable us to prevent and work out problems and REDSPIRA turns Mexicali into a city that pushes forward and works on the environmental problems affecting us, and aims to improve the quality of the air that all of us breathe”, said Mayor Sanchez.

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