Baja California University scientist develops chemical residues treatment, in joint effort with SKYWORKS

Engineering Institute of Baja California University campus Mexicali together with Skyworks has an efficient method to treat industrial chemical residues such as arsenic, a metal with the highest degree toxicity and also with a huge potential to provoke cancer, which will bring several benefits such as avoid intermediaries for water handling regarding chemical residues, reduction of risk and negative impact to the environment, seems water retreated and reduced multiple times significant savings in water consumption.

The project beast called ” residual water treatment of the process Wet Ech in Skyworks”, it began in 2017 and was designed by doctor Roumen Koytchev Zlatev, who works as a researcher and electrochemistry laboratory chief UABC campus Mexicali, he’s also remember of the Mexican academy of science and the national research system.

This method may be used in different Industrial branches it means a fastest and more economic process as well as a bigger practical treatment of heavy metals contained in the industrial use waters, but must be adapted according to the pollutants they contain since it is adapted to the company with said Zlatev.

Isabel that one can give to the water once it’s been treated the researcher said that it may be used to Water Gardens, cool down industrial equipment, sanitary Supply water, meaning among several other uses.

Doctor Zlatev stands out in the scientific community because she’d designs search works, but he also complete necessary equipment and colors of the process, he said that the challenge when designing or thinking about something new he’s not which might be used since we are before something of recent creation, this work outfits qualities in Innovations in a patent-pending process allow the proper recognition to the scientific tasks and works are carried out within the UABC buy this and other researchers he’s being developed academy Corp and materials which has also another 10 patent locations branches mentioned area of knowledge.

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