There will soon be two immigrant shelters operating in Tijuana and Mexicali, operated by the Federal Government, said Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, Baja California federal delegate, and assured that NGO immigrant shelters have not been cut off and are being helped, but resources have been temporary restricted, but there will be financial aid for some of them as soon as the governmental shelters start operation.

FEDERAL DELEGATE Ruiz Uribe said Mexico is accomplishing commitments acquired between Mexico and the USA, regarding the immigants issue

He said that the flow of immigrants has halted, since it is being taken care of and discarded any chances of a crisis as last November, when thousands of Hondurans and other Central American immigrates arrived in a very short time span and caused a crisis in Tijuana, Ruiz Uribe also said that many are just waiting for the paperwork regarding their legal entrance to the USA, and assured that Mexico is fulfilling the agreements recently assumed between both countries.

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