Construction works continue to install a UABCS campus in Comondú

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- During a follow-up meeting with Mayor Walter Valenzuela for the construction of facilities belonging to the university campus in Comondú; the Rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, Dr. Dante Salgado, stressed that as an educational institution they see great potential in the area to develop a project of this nature.

“We as an institution are ready to be located in any locality of Comondú, if we obtain the necessary support. We believe that the location should be determined by society itself, with the support of its political representatives. We have to respect what they decide, because what interests us is to expand our presence in the area, for the benefit of thepeople of Comondu, ”he stressed.

The rector informed that studies of relevance have been carried out, in oder to determine the sectors that could benefit from the arrival of the Maximum House of Studies of South California in the municipality.

For example, he explained the feasibility of operating careers related to aquaculture, renewable energy sources, livestock and agriculture, so that the educational offer is aimed at boosting the economy of the region.

He mentioned that one of the functions of higher education institutions, especially public universities such as UABCS, is to generate precisely positive dynamics that affect local vocations, through the formation of specialized cadres.

He explained that in recent years, the university has moved in this direction, constantly holding meetings with representatives of the labor sector and potential employers, so that their educational programs meet their demand and thereby ensure a better incorporation of graduates to well paid jobs.

In the case of Comondú, he said that in order to diversify the UABCS offer, facilities are required to provide a true quality education; that is to say, spaces with adequate conditions to carry out the classes, practices in well-equipped laboratories and a series of services that every university student demands.

For this reason, he thanked the mayor of Comondu for his willingness to support efforts to ensure that this historic debt to the municipality is finally taken care of, and thousands of young people who want to get a college degree are benefited.

Meanwhile, municipal president Walter Valenzuela reaffirmed his commitment to the project and said he is willing to give all his support to make it a reality in the near future.

Source: BCS Noticias

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