From TV anchor to “reelected” Congresswoman: Trini Vaca´s fortunate comeback and “reelection”


Trini lost the reelection by votes, but thanks to one of those grey areas, which have always been constant in Mexican law, he managed to somehow remain in the privileged elite of Baja Californian Legislative branch, a reelection of sorts for a Congress representative who lost the popular vote but had good lawyers who found the so called “legal lagoons” that allowed Trinidad to stay for two more years, sheer luck attack!.

Now, she started on TV as an interviewer on a show which allowed her to help the needy, making her a popular icon within a given socio-economic sector, she ran for Congress with Citizen Movement but lost by a narrow margin and then she ran for Congress with National Action Party (PAN in Spanish) but she had a big quarrel with them and now it´s anybody´s guess as to where her political compass will lead her.

Now, due to electoral random interpretation of some lawyers, confusing mathematics, she has been reelected for one more Legislature, only two years but excellent fringe benefits and all the protocol, ceremony and all the good things that being a Congress representative brings, now that she´s marked her distance from PAN she might as well join MORENA (President Lopez Obrador political party).

Baja California 23rd Legislature started with noise and movement, as every three years, advisors and companions of the new Congressmen and women, getting acquainted with a building which most of them won´t visit often, the few lucky ones who will collect a check every 14 days during the following two years, unlike many other Mexicans who, before AMLO´s scarce economic growth who struggle hard to get by, and Trini´s first day in Congress had its “cake cherry”: Governor elect Bonilla visited the new legislators.

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