“We created 228 thousand 355 new jobs in six years”: Said Governor Kiko Vega in his VI State Report

There were 228 thousand 355 new jobs created in the last six years, said Governor Kiko Vega in his sixth and last State Report which located Baja California in the seventh place at a national level, when Mr. Vega began his term in office, the state was thirteenth place in job creation nationwide, and he also remarked the construction of the Agriculture and Food Training, Investigation and Innovation Center which was built and inaugurated with a 41 million 498 thousand pesos investment.

In the touristic sector, there were 25 franchised hotels, six of them still under construction and three in pre-construction project stage, so when Kiko Vega finishes his term in October 31st, there will be 3 thousand 596 new hotel rooms with a private investment of 5 thousand 530 million pesos, he also mentioned 48 projects and touristic promotion works and Ensenada reached the Mexican Pacific´s first place regarding cruise ships arriving and third place at a national level.

Regarding the winery production in Baja California and the resulting tourist attraction called The Route of Wine, Mr. Vega said that there were almost 45 million pesos invested in highway and road signals for the Guadalupe Valley, enhancement works for the Vid and Wine Museum and the Winery Industry Foster Law was approved in the House of Representatives, which will have huge benefits for the sector.

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