Green and brown octopus fishing ban in Los Angeles Bay, Baja California: Matías Arjona

It´s very important to respect the brown octopus capture ban decreed for Bahía de Los Angeles in Baja California, which will be valid from August 1st to November 30th, said the Fishing and Aquaculture Secretary (SEPESCA), Matías Arjona who also admitted that this ban started with the area organized fishermen agreement, and reminded that the advisory and participation of SEPESCSA, the fishermen self-imposed the ban, which was later ratified as an annual ban as published in the State Official Journal.

Since November 2017, the ban disposition was published in the State Official Journal as well as the minimal sizes for the capture of the brown Octopus capture in Bahía de los Angeles, regarding the capture of this species, in this area the capture of the brown octopus is 86% of the State´s total, with a financial spread of more than 8 million pesos.

Green and brown Octopus capture ban in Los Angeles Bay, Baja California, said the state fishing Secretary, Matías Arjona

It´s the second most important fishery in the Biosphere Reserve of the California Gulf so respecting the ban is vital for the area, the other species which is the green octopus (Octopus hubbsorum) which an period goes from September 1st to November 30th, and among the participants in this sustainable capture process are the Fishing National Commission, the Natural Protected Areas Commission, the National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture and PROMATURA Northwest, among others

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