Mexican cop killed by unidentified men in San Luis Río Colorado

SAN LUIS RÍO COLORADO, Son – A young police officer was shot by strangers after leaving work in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, late night Thursday 8.

San Luis city officials said 24-year-old Alex Iván Gámez Navarro was driving on Ave. Calzada Constitución and Los Pinos Blvd. A group of unidentified people drove up next to Gámez and began to fire AR-15 rifles at his vehicle. 

Authorities said Gámez died at the scene. 

“We are working to bring peace to our city,” city officials said in a statement. 

According to La Tribuna de San Luis, Gámez was working at El Golfo de Santa Clara when a resident died in a confrontation with a criminal group and city police Tuesday evening. 

Several residents told News 11 they are living in fear like a simple trip to the store is now questioned, many people did not want to be on camera because of fear of retaliation. 

“Because we’re here in a border town, what happens there happens here, most of these shootings have to do with the drug cartels,” said Rosa Maria, a resident from San Luis, Mexico.  

According to the Sonoran Government Statistics (SGS), this week alone, four were killed and one injured. In the last nine months, 64 people were killed, the majority lost their lives due to shootings.

“That the cartel was going to go on a rampage shooting a lot of people in San Luis, Mexico, there were rumors of an alert that started at 8 last night until the end of today,” said Maria.  

In 2019 there has been a 114 percent increase in homicides compared to 2018, according to SGS. 


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