Peregrino shelter offers sanctuary amidst the extreme summer heat forecast for next week

The weather forecast for Thursday and Friday, August 15th and 16th , is 117 and 177 degrees, so it´s important to report to the 911 emergency line any person or family on the streets, with no protection form the extreme temperatures, said Margarita Flores de Sanchez, president of the DIF Family System of Mexicali, she also mentioned that   Peregrino shelter has hosted 16 thousand people since started operating in late 2018

It is a place to find release form the extreme heat of summer or the hard winter cold, since the center is open all year long, said Ms. Flores de Sanchez, she mentioned that 16 thousand 194 people have been helped in the shelter since it startes operating. In just one day a week ago, 119 people arrived to the shelter, seven of them were women., extreme heat is expected for all week with temperatures over 110 degrees.

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