Videos of AMLO’s first annual report cause outrage

The federal government has already published on social networks the first two spots that will serve to promote the “achievements” of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador government during its first year.

In one of the videos AMLO stands out as achievements that former Mexican presidents no longer have pensions, and that civil servants have no longer have salaries of 700 thousand pesos per month.

Obrador also highlights that 8 thousand agents of the former Presidential General Staff (Estado Mayor Presidencial) are no longer taking care of him, and that there is no presidential plane, nor private medical care or plastic surgery for senior officials.

In another video, the president declares that he is “a man of his word,” because the price of gasoline, electricity and gas, as well as taxes and public debt have not increased during this first year.

Finally, Lópe Obrador highlights in one of the videos that the minimum wage and support provided to people in poverty increased by 16 percent.

For many citizens that have seen these spots, it seems absolutely pathetic that the president of Mexico “shows off” such irrelevant achievements, hen the country is going through a tremendous crisis in terms of crime, violence and insecurity, not to mention the economic inestability, financial uncertainty and social polarization induced by AMLO’s rhetoric.

The Baja Post Newsroom

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