Baja California Sur has a record of 650 carriers of HIV

La Paz, B.C.S. (OEM-Reportx) .- “Baja California Sur has a record of 650 carriers of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus; 90 percent, located in Los Cabos and La Paz and 10 percent in the north of the state. 25 new cases are appearing every month, of which at least half come from other states”, said the Director of Services of Health, Heriberto Soto Haro.

“Patients receive their retroviral medications on time without delay, and with the guarantee that supply is guaranteed, in a joint effort with the federal government”, he added.

“The costs of these treatments vary, depending on the patient, and range from 20 thousand pesos, to 80 thousand per month, although currently the federation is making changes and rearrangements in retroviral formulas based on national and international research , where the effectiveness and efficiency of these medications are taken into account”, the official explained.

He noted that more than 80% of infections are through sexual intercourse, and the rest are by other means; in the case of maternal contagion, the Ministry of Health has a campaign and a program to avoid it.

On the other hand, Soto Haro pointed out that today people living with HIV are living differently than in previous years; before it was thought that a greeting or a kiss could be a source of infection, situations that have been completely ruled out.

He clarified that people engaged in prostitution could be infected with the HIV virus, so he stressed the importance of using protective measures.

On the other hand, he informed that the Ministry of Health, through the HIV program carries out permanent campaigns, inviting all people to be tested for HIV. It is done voluntarily on the site, the results are confidential, and are only made known to the interested party, protecting the privacy of each person. Each positive result must be double checked in order ti be confirmed.

Those who are carriers of the virus are admitted to the program in case they do not have ISSSTE or IMSS, and their respective treatment is guaranteed.


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