Baja California will have the best state Police: Governor elect Jaime Bonilla Valdez


Baja California will have the best State Police and its Director won´t be improvised or dishonest, with no links to organized crime said Governor elect, Jaime Bonilla during a meeting with the State Public Security Citizen Council (CCPE), where they assessed crime incidence and proposals to diminish the violence levels.

Bonilla also said that: “Baja California will be a reference point for president AMLO, it is the first State administration elected during Lopez Obrador´s term of office, and that is the reason why the President is committed with Baja California and we won´t let him down”.

The CCPE is an entrepreneurial organism, and the members in the meeting asked if he had a name of the probable next Public Security Secretary and Bonilla said that Eduardo Flores Campbell, hailing from Tijuana and with wide experience and knowledge about public safety and law enforcement.

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