Baja Sur has the most expensive regular gasoline in the country: Federal Consumer Attorney

Baja Sur has a doubtful honor, in one of the state capital´s gas stations the most expensive gasoline is sold, La Paz´ station called RALSI, sells Magna fuel at a price as high as 21.62 (around 1.15 dollars) pesos a quarter gallon (liter) while the cheapest ´price for this kind of gasoline was located in Agua Dulce, Veracruz with 17.61 (90 cents) pesos a liter, a difference of 4 pesos (around 20 cents), according to Ricardo Sheffield, director of the Consumers Federal Attorney Office (PROFECO).

He also said that the highest prices foe Premium gasoline were detected in León, Guanajuato, in the HERMANOS ALDAMA gas station, selling that kind of fuel as high as 21.99 pesos a liter and the cheapest was ESGES in Tabasco with a price of 19.29 pesos a liter, while the most expensive DIESEL fuel is sold by RIO BALSAS station at 23.00 pesos a liter, in San Lucas, Michoacán while CARVI AUTOSERVICIO in Centro, Tabasco, sells it at 19.52 pesos a liter.

Finally, Sheffield Padilla said that there have been 261 consumer complaints posted in PROFECO through the application “LITRO por LITRO” (liter by liter) as well as 207 operative visits and verifications in gas stations all over the country. A liter is approximately a quarter gallon, so in order to compare process with the US just multiply by four and then consider a 19.80 pesos a dollar exchange rate.

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