Crazed Lady: Baja Lessons…10 Days, 10 People, 10 Lessons…Lesson 4: Violeta


It took me less than a minute to love Violeta. If her smile doesn’t capture your heart, then her laugh will. I met Violete while I was having lunch at a restaurant on the marina in downtown Cabo. I was sitting there by myself when she walked by and we instantly struck up a conversation.


We were talking about how we both loved watching people and how funny it was because you could never know what to expect. Violete proceeded to tell me a story. (PG-13 rated – just a warning!) She told me how a group of college boys came into her shop and bought a bunch of condoms.

She said I immediately started to lecture them, telling them how they needed to be careful and how dangerous it was to sleep around. She said they just started laughing and told her she didn’t need to worry. She argued she did because it was a lot of condoms they were buying. They told her they were using the condoms to put their phones in on snorkel trip they were going on. They said the waterproof cases were too expensive so they had been carrying their phones around in condoms all week!

When my friend returned to the table, Violeta and I were cracking up like old friends. There was no pretenses and no filters in place. Just good conversation. Good laughter. And a great connection. It feels good to find your people.

So from Violeta I learned to connect. It can literally take one second. One Hello. One question. One interaction. Meeting new people.  Making new friends.  Hearing a really funny story.  Having a great laugh.  It really is that easy.

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