Every 40 seconds a person commits suicide in the world: World Health Organization

Every year 800 people commit suicide all over the world, according to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds someone decides to finish his/her existence and mainly within the 15 to 29 year old population segment, pushed by mental illness, depression, bipolar disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and an unfair socioeconomic surrounding which makes some people feel excluded and makes them decide to end up their own lives.

“There’s a myth stating that those who speak of suicide don´t commit it, when in fact they might as well be asking for help or support, some of them have anxiety and depression issues and may consider suicide as their only choice”, said Baja California Psychiatric Institute director, Salvador Rico Hernandez.

He also said that it is common to think that only those people suffering of mental illness kill themselves when suicidal tendencies are also induced by unhappiness in an unfair world and not necessarily related to mental health issues, said Rico Hernandez.

The Psychiatric Institute of Baja California has helped 65 thousand people since January this year, 13 thousand of them have been affected by depression and there have also been 77 people who have been given attention and hospitalized for suicide risks, stemming from the afore mentioned illnesses.

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