President AMLO´s words about CB brewery, misinterpreted by people in social media

Monday morning, all over social media people were posting about Mexico´s president, AMLO, had said that Constellation Brands (CB) would be stopping its brewery construction in Mexicali, but he didn´t say such a thing, he mentioned that there was a brewery being built in Mexicali, which is a region with serious water availability problems, but he didn´t even mentioned the company´s name.

Lopez Obrador talked about Mexicali and the northern region of the country as he has been doing before, he never mentioned what most of the people in Facebook have interpreted about suspending permissions for CB, moreover he mentioned the milk production in states of the north as something that also uses too much water and shouldn´t be there either.

Then, Andres Manuel said that brewery and milk production should leave Mexico´s north and move towards places near the rivers Usumacinta and Grijalva, both in Tabasco the native state of president Lopez Obrador, once again, he didn´t mention CB but he has left clear his rejection and negative feelings towards the North of Mexico, where he reckons every one is rich, and the Constellation issue wasn’t even mentioned by name it´s just a lot of people inferring what they want to.

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