Mexican Environment Protection Attorney announced coordination agreement against illegal animal species traffic


There´s a considerable urgency to set up new strategies to fight the crime networks that trade with illegal animal species, so Mexico´s Environmental Protection Attorney Office (PROFEPA in Spanish) along with national security agencies agreed to intensify coordination in order to face one of the most worrisome issues in the environmental sector.

The federal police Scientific Division, the National Guard, the Republic´s Attorney General and INTERPOL, attended the meeting, headed by Antonio Diaz de León Corral, PROFEPA Vice Attorney of Natural Resources, who urged all of them to change paradigms in order to deal with this serious problem.

He mentioned the need of intelligence and coordination tasks to confront and work out this eco-crime issue, in some regions many people make a living of this traffic, since they have no better choices, pushed and handled by the real topnotch crime networks behind this profitable racket, the strategy must be different, “beat who ever promotes this illicit activity “and not only the employee, the pawn, the needy.

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