King Mswati from eSwatini, the last absolute African kingdom, arrived to Los Cabos on vacation with his 14 wives


A private jet landed in Los Cabos last Thursday, bringing king Mswati from the kingdom of eSwatini on board, with a 70 people entourage, including his 14 wives, he will be on vacation and has been seen around the so-called golden zone with a heavy security team, armed bodyguards.

The king is 51 years old and his kingdom was formerly known as Swaziland, a British colony until it gained Independence in 1968, a country with a surface of about 10 thousand 500 square miles, bordering with South Africa and Mozambique.

There was no further information about the activities or if there would be any meetings between the King and local authorities, about how long the monarch of the last absolute Monarchy in Africa will stay in Los Cabos.

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