Mexicali photographer-journalist was threatened after covering a public demonstration


A man around his thirties, neatly dressed, threatened Mexicali photographer-reporter Cristian Torres, when he was covering the pro-abortion, feminist march, an incident that had nothing to do with the demonstration.

As he was leaving Cardenas Monument, Torres saw a man standing next to his motorcycle, which was lying on the ground, as he tried to pick up his bike, the man said: “next time I will kill you” and the reporter called 911, then the man tried to assault him, somehow he managed to defend himself and kicked him to the ground.

The man stood up and ran away, said Cristian Torres, who has worked in several local and regional Baja California media outlets for more than 10 years. The incident had nothing to do with the demonstration march of feminist groups, and it should be a wakeup call to those in charge to guarantee the freedom of the press.   

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