A ship allegedly carrying drugs in Ensenada, under investigation, parcel services are being scrutinized by the FGR in Tijuana

Baja California Governor elect, Jaime Bonilla, at the end of a Security briefing Friday October 4th, talked about a ship loaded with drugs that, a few days ago, was allegedly detected in Ensenada, allegedly carrying drugs, but there was no substances confiscated nor the crew detained, so the FGR has started a thorough investigation “because there are no ´sacred cows´ and there will be an investigation to find out who let it go and didn´t report it.

He also said that parcel services are being “regularized” to prevent and avoid for them to be used in drug smuggling operations, the last few weeks there have been several shipments in Tijuana Airport, which also compromises the safety of airline customers.

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