Immigrants shelter? Detention center? it´s being set up for Central Americans who’ll wait for US decision in Mexican soil


The grounds which once were the place where Gigante and then Soriana supermarkets stood, is being set up in order to become a shelter for immigrants, but looking at the metallic fence and barbed wire as well as other preparations to install a shelter for the Central American citizens who will wait for the USA to decide on their political asylum, the whole thing looks more like a detention center than a shelter or refuge for immigrants.

Even though the Federal Government representative in Baja California, Jesus Alejandro Ruiz Uribe said that the shelter wouldn´t be located on 11th Avenue, due to the neighbors rejection to have those people near their homes, and social media has become a battlefield between people against and for this “waiting room” for Central American immigrants who want to live in the USA and not in Baja California, they will be safe kept by Mexico, at the Government expense, thus costing taxpayers money, while they wait for Uncle Sam to decide on their migratory status in the USA.

Expenses will be taken care of by Mexico, food, services, energy (gas, light and water), as well as other services, something that had been agreed by Mexican and American authorities, nevertheless,  what reality shows that it actually will be a “waiting room”, paid by Mexico´s Government and this might as well be the Wall THAT Trump promised in his 2016 campaign, not tangible but Mexico will contain these people while they wait for the “American Dream”  all paid (once again) by Mexico´s Government, thus by Mexican taxpayers.

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