Chapo Guzman´s son arrest unleashes hell all over Culiacán, he was later freed to pacify the city

Culiacan turned into a battlefield after one of Sinaloa cartel´s boss Chapo Guzmán (jailed in the USA) sons had been arrested in the Tres Ríos (three rivers) area of the city, when the National Guard and Mexican Army, around three o´clock in the afternoon, intervened a house where four men were arrested, one of them was Ovidio Guzmán, son of Joaquín Guzmán Loera (Chapo), a drug kingpin who was tried and sentenced to life in prison eight months ago.

A few minutes after the detention, vehicles with revolving machine guns and men carrying 50 millimeter assault rifles and other high caliber weapons, attacked and set blockades all over Culiacan, capital city of Sinaloa, while other cells attacked strategic points, aiming to free Guzman, gunshots were heard all over the city, the rumor was they were to assault the General Attorney office where Guzman was allegedly locked up.

Around the o´clock at night, several news outlets started informing about the alleged liberation of Ovidio Guzman, La Jornada and Reforma web sites, as well as international news agency Reuters informed that he had been freed in order to pacify the city, which had turned into hell Thursday afternoon, panic broke out all over the city and in the end Guzman was let go, according to authorities, to bring back peace to the city, armed vehicles of the cartel set up blockades, who fought and tried to reach the General Attorney´s office to liberate him.

Hell broke loose Thursday afternoon when armed vehicles of the Sinaloa cartel attacked all over Culiacan trying to rescue their boss, Chapo Guzman´s son Ovidio who had been arrested about six or seven hours before with four other men, all alleged members of the crime organization
At about 10 oñclock, several news outlets informed that Ovidio Guzman had been let go free to protect innocent´s lives, Culiacán lived an afternoon of horror and violence

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