(VIDEO) Fires in Baja California coast, 70-80% controlled, 54 homes burned and 2 dead in Ensenada, the State will request federal emergency funds

VIDEO by courtesy of SAID BETANZOS

The fires that have been affecting the Coast of Baja California, mainly Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito, are between 70 and 80% under control, said Salvador Cervantes, Baja California Civil Protection Director, and commented that it is the result of an opportune joint effort among federal, state and municipal authorities.

He explained that last Thursday the Santana winds started losing speed and intensity and the expectations for this weekend are positive and there will be improvement, there has been a request made to the Federal Government to corroborate the perturbing natural phenomena due to the forest fires in order to request, if necessary, funding from the Natural Disaster Federal Fund to take care of the affected areas.

“Today we installed the session where several federal, state and municipal instances participate, in order to set up a timetable and assess the situation in order to carry out a specific account of what is required by the affected, mostly people who saw their houses burning down, helpless”, said Cervantes.

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