GESI arrests a couple of alleged women murderers in Rosarito

Two people, alleged women murders, were detained by the State Guard of Security and Investigation (GESI) as the main suspects in the murder of a 20 year old woman, named Ana Elizabeth “X”, who was found dead in a rural road near Rosarito Canyon, her face and limbs were covered with adhesive gray tape.

It was on October 28th when a 911 call to the Control, Command, Communication and Computation (C4) Center in Rosarito, received the call reporting that a young woman´s dead body had been found.

The CSI staff got to the site to start the investigation procedures and scene administration, and they kept working until they managed to locate the suspects, their situation will be defined by the judicial system authorities, meanwhile they remain in custody and it will be hard for them to get to make bail.

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