Ensenada new airport would detonate the region touristic and commercial development: Escobedo Carignan

The new airport project for the Rosarito-Guadalupe Valley-Ensenada region, that Governor Jaime Bonilla´s administration has announced, will trigger tourism and commerce growth, creating shopping malls, new hotels and other services for this important “touristic corridor” which includes Guadalupe Valley which has a huge potential as investment destination, said Mario Escobedo Carignan, Baja California´s secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST in Spanish).

“The new aerial facilities will have all the technological and geographical advantages, aiming to work as a civil and military terminal, so it can substitute the El Ciprés military aerodrome, as part of an agreement with the National Defense Secretary (SEDENA) and Carignan also said that the new airport will be built in the area of El Tigre or Chichiguas, thus achieving to attract tourism from Arizona, Nevada and California who like to fly on weekends.

“We intend to detonate the 365 hectares of sea front that Ensenada has, but it also has to become the most important project regarding tourism and commerce, marking a before and after for Ensenada, Guadalupe Valley and Rosarito” he said. It is also important to keep detonating and promoting Guadalupe Valley but not saturating it with touristic investment so it can remain a predominantly viticulture development area.

Escobedo Carignan foretold that, the most relevant is for SEDENA to have an airplane runway with all the safety and certainty, it is being analyzed by the Defense Secretary and he also explained that the aerodrome, which is being planned in the Ojos Negros Valley area, cannot be considered a “done thing” since there is a concession which was granted to private citizens and its future is uncertain, Escobedo also said that Baja California´s economic growth is a big priority for Governor Bonilla and he has big plans for Ensenada, which will become a Historic landmark for the so called “Pacific Cinderella”

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