Movie review: Ford v. Ferrari, great action, Matt Damon´s superb acting and the real voice of Christian Bale


Ford v. Ferrari (Action / Drama, 2019) James Mangold directs this film that is based on how Ford II stubbornly intends to defeat Ferrari on the prestigious track of “Le Mans”, after being insulted by Enzo Ferrari when offering to buy the company of the “Cavallino Rampante”. Matt Damon’s performance is the best of the film and is complemented in a good way with a Christian Bale who we can finally hear using his true voice for the first time in many years. Simply spectacular action scenes, you can’t ask for more. The story has an excellent rhythm and the script is intelligent and creative, without becoming something transcendent since I believe it is more opaque by the visual. This film and some of its participants will undoubtedly be nominated for the “‘Oscar” awards, since it meets many requirements that the academy loves, not so much for the quality of it, it should be clarified. One of the most entertaining  movies of the year.

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