Los Cabos municipality Facebook profile was attacked by hackers

Besides the rain that has been affecting Los Cabos (and might as well get worse), the City Hall administration of Los Cabos was surprisingly attacked in their cyber spaces and social media when hackers invaded and violated their Facebook account, as well as the profile from Civil Protection, among others in what seemed to be a joke but, due to the forthcoming “bomb storm cyclone” which has been affecting California and Baja California may become hazardous.

Los Cabos City Hall authorities have been using their social media accounts to inform the public about the weather conditions and/or decisions, which are made for the safety and well-being of the municipality inhabitants.

“Remember to do your food and other supplies shopping, since the rains will last all weekend long. Citizens Making a lot of History”, said a post of the hackers who violated the Los Cabos municipality Facebook profile, Los Cabos is a worldwide first class touristic center and may be affected for the “bomb cyclone” that is approaching form the California and Oregon states border line.

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