Pedophile wanted in Mexico City was arrested in Ensenada by the GESI and FGR

A pedophile who had been fleeing the justice since 2018 and who was wanted by Mexico City´s authorities, was arrested by the State Investigation and Security Guard (GESI in Spanish) and the Republic General Attorney (FGR), it all happened on Ejido El Zorrillo main street where they detained a man who acted suspiciously as he saw the special agents approaching.

Once detained, Christian Ivan “X”, 35 years old, who wasn´t on possession of any illicit drugs or forbidden weapons, but when his personal profile was checked upon in the Control, Command, Communication and Computation Center (C4), the dispatcher informed that the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant.

The order had been issued on September 3, 2018, by the Seventh District Court of federal criminal processes in Mexico City, for pedophilia, so Christian Ivan was arrested and sent to the Republic Attorney Office detention center where the authorities will follow up the case in order to send him to Mexico City to be tried.

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