Movie review: Terminator: dark fate, downfall of a once successful franchise, it´s all over for T-1000

Terminator: Dark Fate (Action / Science Fiction, 2019) . The new installment of a completely decadent franchise and with a more than uncertain future. This new film ignores the previous 3 films and aims to be a direct sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” that It was a turning point in these types of films in 1991. Seeing Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger again in their iconic roles is not enough if the script is weak and simply picks up the phrases and clichés from their previous installments.

Is it time to put sarah Connor and T-1000 terminator robot to rest for good?

The new characters are interesting, especially Mackenzie Davis as “Grace” but I think they are not explored in great depth although they pretend to make us believe otherwise. There is a moment in the film where the entire female cast becomes lethal, and unfortunately, they missed the opportunity to make them shine … giving someone else the baton.

The special effects are top-notch and the music that has become classic for fans is used in crucial moments effectively without any improvement in Tim Miller’s vision of what such a movie should be. I think the idea was good, the performance was poor, and the expectations were high even after three movies, each getting worse than the last. Sometimes you have to let die and leave in peace a franchise that could not improve since 1991; and believe me, they tried.

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Roque Salcido.

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