Telephone extortion increases in December: State Guard of Investigation advises people on what to do

Telephone extortion goes up on December since there are lots of people who have money because of Christmas Bonus and become easy prey for extortionists, that is why the State General Attorney (FGE in Spanish) through the State Guard of Security and Investigation (GESI) invites all the people to be calm in case of getting an extortion call, said the GESI Commissioner, Carlos Alberto Flores.

Carlos Alberto Flores , GESI Commissioner talked about telephone extortion

He said that the money flow for Christmas bonus and shopping is typical of this season, so extortionists take advantage of it and try to cheat people on the ´phone in order to rob them of their money, and there are even two “modalities” in which the criminals extort money from naïve citizens, one is “Relative arrested in Customs” where they call the victim to be, and tell him/her that a relative who was coming to Mexico needs money because he had trouble in Mexico´s point of entry.

Another one is when the racketeers call the victim and tell him/her that there is a relative or friend of them detained in the USA and they require an urgent bank deposit, the GESI director said that this is a priority in the crime fight mission of the FGR and the GESI, to take action against this sort of crime which aims to weak and gullible citizens.

What to do in case of phone extortion

  1. Keep calm
  2. Write down the number
  3. Tell the extortionist you know it is a hoax
  4. Hang up and immediately dial 089 to report the matter

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