Three alleged kidnappers from San Felipe, arraigned in Mexicali

The Regionaql Attorney office of Mexicali, through the San Felipe external investigation office, arraigned two men and a woman, all related to an illegal freedom deprivation incident, which was part of a violent  attack against a woman form Colonia Gavilanes in that sea shore town.

The Public Minister agent, achieved to have the threesome alleged delinquents to spend the entire time of the trial in jail, their names are: ROQUE “X” aka THE FLY, BEATRIZ AURORA “X” aka THE FLOWER and JULIO CESAR (no known aliases) and achieved to get a three month time term for the investigation closure, in order to obtain proof against the three alleged kidnappers.

They supposedly took the woman to a house in Colonia Los Arcos, on Creta Avenue Sea and Brook Zone, where she was handled to Roque, who tied her feet and hands and hit her with fists and kicks in different parts of her body and with a piece of stick on her head, THE FLOWER continued hitting her with her fists and an iron pipe, all this violence caused the victim serious injuries. Now, the sinister threesome will face their day on court and (most likely) will pay the consequences for their alleged criminal activities.

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