Baja California Government promotes state as a suitable movie production location

Aiming to inform about the projects which the Sustainable Economy and Tourism Secretary (SEST in Spanish) the next year, the Secretary Mario Escobedo Carignan, said: “The activities we have as secretary for 2020, we have merged the Tourism, Economy, Environment, Fishing and Aquaculture sectors, so the entrepreneurs who want to start a new business have only one office to approach and find advice and information there, so they can detonate their businesses”.

He said that, among the goals of the SEST, it is to promote the certifications system which might foster and improve productivity, quality and competitiveness of Baja California: “What we have here is to give advice and technical assistance to municipalities and social and economic sectors, in negotiation of federal, state or financial system resources as well as promote, coordinate and co-participate in national and foreign programs, said Escobedo Carignan who also said that they will be able to find help in the Institute of High Technology Training of Baja California (ICAT in Spanish).

He also said that they would seek to bet on a regulation improvements project so the businesspeople who want to start a new business may find it easier and swifter, thus pushing forward the productive sector and attract more investment. Regarding the Undersecretary of Tourism, Mario Escobedo remarked the relevance of new tourism projects creation, in order to strengthen the offer and competitiveness in the region, besides keeping track of programs such as the “Be a Tourist in Your own State” card. Moreover, there will be special attention on cinematographic and audiovisual production, by means of advice, and several sorts of support, since Baja California has stood out as an important destination for motion picture productions, national as well as internationally.

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