715 people have died in Mexicali for pollution/contamination related diseases during 2019


“Burning fireworks is a twentieth century thing, it´s already in the past and doesn’t correspond to the way of thinking of the current Mexicali residents, who worry for the environment”, said Efraín Nieblas Ortiz, Environmental Control of Mexicali´s City Council and said that, according to the State Health Secretary, 715 people have died this year in Mexicali for contamination related diseases.

Burning fireworks liberates a highly dangerous mix of nitrates, sulfates and perchlorates in copper and chlorine formulas in the air, while the heavy metals used for the colors might even yield radioactive isotopes: Strontium for reds, barium for greens (both combined with chlorine which is highly poisonous) titanium and aluminum are used to give silverfish glares while the mix of strontium and copper is used for blues and purples, when all this elements burn they yield micro particles which are very hazardous for human health.

Neutralizers, oxidants and agglomerating agents are used in pyrotechnics and Fireworks, the sodium perchlorate gives propulsion to the firework “rockets” while the aforementioned heavy metals produce color and the aerosols produce detonation, which is another serious risk if they are not used with utter caution, they’re hazardous for the people “playing” with them with no cautionary measures whatsoever, which is the most common case in Mexico.

On other information, Nieblas mentioned that there have been eight businesses shut down by the Environment Direction he directs, such as “carne asada” tacos and fried chicken stands on the streets, which must have special filters to diminish pollutant emissions and obtain their municipal license.

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