Gulf of California should be part of Mexican territory: Senator Alejandra León

To acknowledge the Sea of Cortez as part of Mexican territory was proposed by Senator Alejandra León from Baja California, who proposed to modify articles 42 and 48 of Mexico´s Constitution in order to make it official, the so called Gulf of California as part of Mexico´s territorial domains, and Senators from Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja Sur joined her in her proposition.

“The bill, which has been turned over to the Republic Senate stresses on the need to make clear the fact that even when the Sea of Cortez is internationally considered part of the Economic Exclusive Zone of Mexico, its current juridical status allows us to claim total sovereignty over its waters, since there is no explicit acknowledgement in our Magna Carta stating that they are part of Mexico´s territory”, said Senator Leon. 

Among other reasons to push this Project forward, Senator León reminded that the Sea of Cortez has a 258 thousand 593 square meters (161 thousand 120 square miles) surrounded by the afore mentioned states and it is a “natural treasure which hosts 36 marine mammal species, 31 species of cetaceans, five marine turtle species, more than 700 fish species, 210 varieties of birds and 6 thousand species of macro-vertebrates.

California Gulf (as it is also known) is inhabited by more than 8 million people, including indigenous people such as the Papago, Pima, Seri, Yaquis, Mayo, Cucapah and Cora among others, and it is visited by two million tourists every year and 80% of Mexico´s pacific ocean fishery production comes from this area.

“It also includes Protected Natural Areas such as: Upper gulf and Coloradodelta biosphere reserve, San Pedro Martir Island, El Vizcaíno and Islas Marías, the following national parks: Loreto Bay, Cabo Pulmo and Isabel Island; several Protected Plant and Animal Areas, Gulf Islands and Cabo San Lucas, whose fishery exports benefit bout 750 thousand jobs, and it is not considered as part pf Mexico´s territory by our Constitution”, said Senator León.

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