Mexicali Christmas Village closes with a typical Rosca de Reyes party offered by Major Marina del Pilar Avila

A traditional January sixth “Rosca de Reyes” (which is sort of a giant oval donut) was offered to all those who attended the closing of the Christmas Village in Mexicali´s FEX (Convention and fair center), with more than 2 thousand children in attendance, to wrap up the Xmas celebrations which ends on January sixth in Mexico, with the “3 Kings” holyday, an event headed by Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, Mexicali Major who thanked Mexicali residents for the donations required to enter the village will be canalized to the Mexicali DIF System, which looks after children and family issues.

Major Avila said that this celebration is the last leg of the Christmas celebrations in Mexicali, and remarked that all was done with Heart and Will, for the children and adults to enjoy an amusement center where they had fun and collaborated by donating a wide array of items for those who are not fortunate enough, the collected donations will be managed by the DIF System, directed by Mavi Olmeda.

There were several attractions for those in attendance to this traditional yearly fair, which opens about December 15 every year to finish up on January 6, when all Mexicans commemorate the visit of the Three Kings from orient who visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem, bringing gifts for him, a tradition that has survived centuries and is, in many senses, bigger than Christmas for many Mexican families.

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